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About Trailhead Recruiting
Dependable recruiters with a mission to help you thrive.

With years of experience in Healthcare & Executive Search, Trailhead Recruitment leverages industry expertise as well as a relationship-driven recruitment methodology to pair high-performing healthcare organizations with their future leaders.

We understand that the healthcare landscape is vastly changing. Talent shortages, healthcare reform, changing pay models, soaring costs, and data protection, are just a few of the challenges that healthcare organizations today face.

These challenges in healthcare have never been greater. That is why the acquisition, development, and retention of top-tier Healthcare talent has never been so important.

We understand the trends that are reshaping the healthcare industry. With national reach and a deep knowledge of the industry, we are committed to partnering closely with our clients to ensure a thought-out and optimized talent delivery system that solves your business’s unique challenges.

Plainly, “recruitment” is what we do, and “healthcare” in the industry we service. Let our talent solutions reduce your risk, as you build and enhance teams across your organization.

How It Works
Inspired by People, driven by Technology

Healthcare organizations for the most part are notoriously behind when it comes to the adoption of the latest in recruitment tech assets. Due in large part to regulations, approvals, lack of clinical assessment technology, or sheer organizational size.

However, the need to eliminate bias, increase diversity and hire with absolute precision remains.

Here at Trailhead Recruitment we leverage the recruitment world’s most up-to-date resources such as AI sourcing, Machine Learning, Video interviewing, and data mining to ensure that we’re fulfilling our mission. We’ve made these technology investments for hiring so that you don’t have too.


How It Works
Lead with Contingency

We have a saying here over at Trailhead Recruitment. It’s “Lead with Contingency”.…

It’s the service that most clients want because there is no upfront cost, no risk, and it lets your organization test our agency before committing resources.

Most recruiting firms nowadays are practicing the opposite. They are dropping contingency orders in favor of pushing RPO or Contract services on clients. This hedges the search agency’s risk, not their clients.

While there are definitely some instances and projects where those solutions are warranted, and even required, we wanted to let you know that we’ve heard you.

We believe in our connections, process, and expertise so much so, that we lead with contingency.


Our Approach
We do one thing. We pair the world’s best Healthcare & IT organizations with future healthcare leaders; and we do it well...

Think of it like this… If you came to your PCP with heart problems, they would refer you to a specialist. In this case, a Cardiologist.

Recruitment works the same way. You need a team of specialists. Recruiting experts who live, breathe, and recruit Healthcare. A team that truly understands your organization’s landscape and dynamics.


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